Broke and Talented because I can remember sleeping on roofs in New York ‘cuz I ran away from my Home, My Hell, Boston <3 


Broke and Talented when I worked at the Gap and decided to tat my face ‘cuz I knew this shit was for me! 


Broke and Talented cuz this tape was born from the generic beats I would steal from YouTube and make classic album cuts with 


Broke And Talented cuz I really hustled dog food to buy my Teenage Engineering OP-1 Synthesizer


Broke And Talented ‘cuz we was really in the trap bagging and making beats 


Broke And Talented for all the times I was kicked outta homes for all the loud music I was making that I knew one day would make me Rich and Famous. 


Broke and Talented because niggas really thought I lost my mind when I found it 


Broke and Talented ‘cuz we were rocking Telfar bags but sleeping nights on the A train from Brooklyn to Harlem. 


Broke and Talented cuz at one point I was living out of my Benz in Cali when me and Nata split. 


Broke and Talented cuz even when I was broke I used my Talent to keep hope! 


I’m happy to finally close this chapter in my life that I’ve called “Broke(n)Talented “ 

I’ve experienced lows that I’ve not even completely processed yet and highs that took me to other planes of existence. Sometimes I felt like a complete fool for chasing my goals and other times I felt like a titan: unstoppable on my path to Olympus. And all through that journey the Talent kept me alive. My talent. My belief in myself. The belief that I can and will. The belief in my worth even when only I could see it. The belief that my talent would help me to conquer all foes, inside and out. This tape is for all my Broke and Talented niggas n bitches who wake up ready to not just “do the work” but are yearning to EXCEL at the work. To push limits, barries, and envelopes (Babyyyyy!)! This for the believers, non-believers, and everyone in between: UUUU CAN DO THIS SHIT <3 ! 


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